In their own words | 9 April



Compiled by Christina Hansen and Deanna Yourell


We’ve kept our ears to the ground and brought you the most quotable quotes from the last 24 hours. Here’s today’s action through the voices of those who matter most:


Weightlifter Kaity Fassina talks about becoming a mum but missing out on Rio (2016 Olympics) and taking out the silver:


“I fell pregnant five months before the trials. Discussions were made on which path to take.

“I decided on being a mum and then come back to weightlifting and see what I can do to be a super mum.

“I’m very happy just to get a medal and get on the podium.”


Gymnast Christopher Remkes describes his gold medal win on the vault and representing Australia:


“It’s too good to be true. It’s unreal the support we have here in Australia. I’m so proud to have everyone watching and supporting It.

“It’s a very big moment at any Commonwealth Games or any benchmark event for us to win gold, so I think all of us have done Australia proud.”


Gymnast Emily Whitehead tells us what’s up next for her after Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games:


“We have nationals coming up at the end of May so that will be my main focus. And then world championships at the end of the year and I definitely have my eyes set on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.”


Swimmer Mack Horton talks about how the win has built team confidence:


“The win is a really good point for the swim team in building confidence, but it’s also the first step in moving towards Tokyo (2020 Olympics) – which is the end goal.”


Swimmer Kyle Chalmers on his goal of becoming the fastest swimmer in the world:


“No one swims to come second, you always want to stand at the top of the podium, so that has lit the fire in my belly.”


Swimmer Elijah Winnington talks about his first international competition:


“My first senior team, my first international competition. I couldn’t ask for a better start to my career.”


Cyclist Steph Morton on her performance at the GC2018:


“I can’t believe I’ve ticked all the boxes I wanted to coming into these Games. I wanted gold in the team sprint, in the keirin and in the 500m (time trial) yesterday. I absolutely rode out of my skin and got a massive PB.”


Cyclist Kaarle McCulloch reflects on her race:


“This race is about four laps too long for me, so when I drew the position behind Steph (Morton) I thought, ‘beauty, she’s going to be my motorbike’. But she’s just so bloody fast. I tried to step around her coming into that last lap, but I was like, ‘whoa, I’m not going anywhere here’. So all credit to her.”


Swimmer Holly Barrett discusses her successful game plan for the 50m butterfly on Sunday night and being an older member of the team:


“I stuck to my race plan. I improved my race plan from what I did last night from a technical point of view. I ended up with a good finish, and race-wise it was just so much fun getting out in front of the crowd. As soon as I touched the wall it was so loud. It was awesome.

“I just did an all-time PB (personal best). I don’t think about my age at all when I am doing it.”


Swimmer Madeline Groves talks about why she has been so successful at GC2018 so far:


“I think part of the reason I am doing quite well is because I have literally no expectations and am just enjoying myself and going with the flow and seeing what happens. It is working out really well.

“It’s been an unbelievable meet for me, to come away with two individual medals, it’s so special.”


Swimmer Cate Campbell reflects on her win in the 50m butterfly and being part of a trifecta:


“I’m outwardly really stoked with that one. I picked up the 50m butterfly as a bit of a joke towards the end of last year for world cups and then I qualified for Commonwealth Games and it suddenly didn’t become such a joke because I’m standing up and representing my country.

“I just tried to keep relaxed and enjoy it. I’ve still got so many things to work on for it, which I probably won’t do because it’s a non-Olympic event, but I still just swim it for fun to break up my program.

“It’s inspiring stuff. Walking out and hearing the crowd roar, and then when we got one, two, three… I swear if there was a roof on this stadium it would have been lifted off. It was awesome.”


Bowler Natasha Scott discusses how she managed the stress of being the last player to bowl for the team:


“The last three or four games have come down to the last bowl, so I’ve learned to deal with the pressure.

“But I knew that as a team we show the Aussie spirit and we fight no matter what, and that’s definitely what we did out there and we came away with the win.”


Shooter Kerry Bell reflects on the defining moment of the event:


“I settled down a little bit and when I knew I had third, my emotions welled up quite a bit and I just tried to stay calm and had two more good shots.”


Para-swimmer Blake Cochrane on his silver medal swim in the SM8 200m individual medley:


“It is bittersweet that one. I have been to three Commonwealth Games and I have finally beat that bronze medal (one from Glasgow 2014 and Delhi 2010) which is pretty good.

“On a second note, Jesse (Aungles) and I have a bittersweet relationship when it comes to the 200m IM. He is one of the best competitors out there and he is still one up on me.”


Para-swimmer Lakeisha Patterson talks about her gold medal win:


“Ellie (Cole) was there pushing me along. All I was thinking was to get to the wall as fast I could. I touched, and I didn’t really know where we were, and I saw my time on the board, and it was amazing – another PB and world record (1:03.02). I was like, ‘Oh My God’.”


Para-athlete Kurt Fearnley looks forward to the final:


“The final is going to be wild. There is a bunch of good guys pushing quickly, in particular Jake Lappin, he has a big future ahead of him.”


Athlete Joel Badden describes his feelings during the competition:


“It had its ups and downs, but I felt like a million bucks throughout the competition.”


Para-swimmer Ellie Cole discusses the sportsmanship within Para-sport:


“It’s really strong within women’s para-sport and para-sport (in general). I think it’s definitely going to be eye opening for the Australian public. Hopefully young kids with disabilities see this tonight and want to give it a crack.”


Swimmer James Roberts on his swimming specialty:


“I wouldn’t say I am a 50m specialist, but it is heading that way now as I am getting older. I was always the 100m guy but the 50m seems to be working for me.”


Cyclist Amy Cure on her win after finishing seventh in the points race:


“It was amazing. I was a bit disappointed yesterday but I came out with a different mindset. The girls backed me and gave me the perfect ride. I can’t thank the girls enough. We went with a plan and executed it perfectly.”


Cyclist Matt Glaetzer talks about winning gold after his surprise exit in the 1/8 finals of the men’s sprint:


“It was a big day today to bounce back after a shocking day yesterday, so to regroup when sometimes things don’t always go the way you plan… it’s really good to come back and prove to yourself, and get one up for Australia because I don’t think I performed yesterday.”


Gymnast Georgia Godwin on her bronze medal win on the uneven bars:


“It’s a great way to finish my Commonwealth Games campaign. I didn’t really expect to come away with a medal on uneven bars, but it’s a nice surprise. I have done all the hard work and routines in the last few weeks so I just wanted to get out there with clean routines and go from there.”




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