Commonwealth Games Australia part of united commitment: ‘We win well to inspire Australians’


In a major milestone for Australian sport, Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) is proud to have joined forces with the country’s peak Olympic and Paralympic sporting organisations to launch a national strategy aimed at building success towards Brisbane 2032 and beyond.   

Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy represents the first time all peak bodies from across Australia’s Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sports have united for a national high performance sport strategy. 

It includes Federal, State and Territory Institutes and Academies of Sport, peak Games bodies the Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia and Commonwealth Games Australia, and National Sporting Organisations.   

Commonwealth Games Australia CEO Craig Phillips AM acknowledged the launch and the collective vision of the ‘Win Well’ pledge, a foundation of the strategy and a new national commitment to balancing ambitious sporting goals with cultures that are safe, fair, and supportive. 

“This strategy is the focus for Australian sport over the next decade and beyond,” Phillips said. 

“We need to unite the high performance network in Australia and focus on Australian performances in international sporting events in this Green and Gold decade, including the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games and 2030 Commonwealth Games.” 

“This is an exciting time for sport in Australia and this strategy can harness our competitive strength in sport for years to come.” 

The Commonwealth Games continues to resonate with Australians, with research following the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games showcasing continued interest in engaging with the Games. 

More than 70 per cent of Australians followed the 12 days of action, while 67 per cent of those reported that watching the Games made them feel proud or want to participate in sport. 

“It is clear that the Commonwealth Games Team remains an important source of pride and inspiration for Australians. Regardless of the local team we support or the state we cheer for, our club colours are always green and gold.” 



Australian Sports Commission CEO Kieren Perkins OAM said it was a historic and significant step for Australian sport.   

“This is one of the greatest periods of opportunity in Australian sporting history and teamwork can be our competitive advantage as we aim for 2032 and beyond,” Perkins said.  

“We all have unique roles to play, but we will all benefit by harnessing our collective strengths, talent, and resources so we can deliver the best outcomes for our athletes, sports and for all of Australia.”   

“No sporting team can unite and inspire us like our Aussie athletes. We have a Green and Gold Runway of major sporting events over the next decade to 2032 that gives our athletes and sports the ultimate platform to perform and connect all Australians with sport like never before.”   

“This strategy is the collective roadmap to guide our success. It prioritises how we will tackle areas including world-leading coaching and practices, athlete development pathways, performance environments, an outstanding workforce driven by clear values and cultures.” 

“Our time starts now to build an inclusive and sustainable sporting system that is performance-driven, athlete-focused, exceptionally led and purposefully collaborative.” 

A key measure of success outlined within Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy is to position Australia for its best ever Olympic and Paralympic performances at the Brisbane 2032 Games. But the strategy ultimately sets out to build ongoing, sustainable success for Australian high performance sport, before and after Brisbane 2032.   

That ambition is captured by the strategy’s vision: ‘We win well to inspire Australians’.   

A full copy of Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy and more Win Well material, including testimonials from sport leaders, athletes, and coaches, is available at 



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